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7 Spotify Radio Stations that Will Keep you in The Lemon Tree Vibes

The key to optimizing any situation is good music. We get that. And guess what? We have your back! Whether you’re getting in that last study session cram or sipping on juices with friends, we are dedicated to bringing you the ultimate Lemon Tree experience (i.e. impeccable music taste and goods). But on the off day you don’t make it here, and still need that pick me up, we want you to feel as good as you do when you’re hanging out on our couches. Jam out to these 7 Spotify stations and feel the Lemon Tree positives vibes follow you throughout your day.

1.Grateful Dead Radio: a range of cover bands singing the funkiest Dead hits with some oldies but goodies in the mix.

  • Bands you might stumble upon: The Band, Little Feat, The Youngbloods, Van Morrison, Janis Joplin

2.First Aid Kit Radio: chill, folk music with familiar names. Think Edward Sharpe, Mumford & Sons and Bon Iver.

  • Most compatible beverage: Just Herbals English Rose Tea

3.The Avett Brothers Radio: bluegrass, folk music with rock inspiration. One minute you might be reflecting on your life and the next, you will be playing the air guitar. Both are encouraged.

  • Favorite Avett: Scott

4.Leon Bridges Radio: swanky soul music that will take foot tapping up a notch

  • Song to Most Likely Start the Dance Party: Smooth Sailin'

5.Arcade Fire Radio: Indie Rock bands that will give you a #electricfeel

6.Grace Potter & The Nocturnals: Bada$$ female artists because who runs the world?

  • Fun Fact: Grace Potter is the Owners' unanimously favorite female musician

7.Fleetwood Mac: classic sing along tunes that never get old. Billy Joel, Tom Petty, David Bowie? Yes, please.

  • Shout out: David Bowie. We love you, R.I.P.

Stay cool, (grab a juice)


The Lemon Tree

7 Spotify Stations that Will Keep you in the Lemon Tree Vibes

The Owners

In a world where fitness is all the rage but processed foods are too, you may just want to thank the owners of the Lemon Tree for revamping your cravings. This juice and smoothie bar is filled with gluten free/vegan/dairy free baked goods and spend-all-of-your-money worthy retail. Making this store a one-stop shop for local consuming. The homegrown raised owners are dedicated to a lifestyle of health and sustainability and have cut no corners in order to reach their mission. Between the compostable to go containers and organic/grassfed ingredients Emily, Erin & Paige have brought the ultimate health conscious experience to Downtown Ipswich. Now let's meet the team that made all of this happen.

Erin Murphy: Before you saw Erin juicing your favorite fruits and veggies, you probably recognized her as a popular Hair Stylist at the award winning Sundara Hair Salon.  Despite her large number of clientele and co-ownership of the Lemon Tree, she gives back to her alma mater, the Paul Mitchell School, by acting as a mentor for up and coming Stylists. Customers drool over her Carrot Ginger soup and she is known for her ability to whip up just about anything!

Favorite Smoothie: Banana's about strawberry with peanut butter

Emily Terry: Want to know the benefits of bee pollen and turmeric? Emily is your go to girl. She is a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and works part time as a Nutritional Therapist for Dr. Dan's Natural Healing Practice. Her specialty is coaching patients on Whole Food Nutriton and has seen positive results with her most important player, her daughter Olive. 

Favorite Juice: South of the Border

Paige Riddle: Paige grew up in Ipswich and attended the University of Vermont.  Her interest in healthy living and sustainability stemmed from her deep connection to the marsh and beachy wildlife that resides in her backyard. You can find Paige's hand-painted artwork hung up around the store...and they are all for sale! Want to know her secret weapon? Key Lime Pie Avocado Pudding. It's a must try.

Favorite Treat: Paleo Doughnuts