What's the Deal with Kombucha?

(kawm-boo-chah): a fermented tea that can be found on tap in practically every Whole Foods, health food store and any LA restaurant. Although this drink contains alcohol (>.03%) you will not find the typical party goers crowding around this keg. Health nuts all around the world are saying yes to this ancient Chinese drink and all of it’s full body health benefits. Kombucha is not like any other fad (it’s been going strong for over 2,000 years), it’s the real deal. Here are 4 reasons to incorporate Kombucha into your everyday life…and we can help you do that!

1. Improve Gut Health: As processed foods and sugars continue to take over our counters, Americans are experiencing a decrease in “good bacteria” and probiotics that line the stomach. Poor gut health can cause problems such as, constipation, stomach irritability and an overall feeling of blah.  While Kombucha is not a secret potion to healthy living, the live bacteria colonies created from the fermentation process will surely get that salad and Dirty Avocado through you in record time.

2. Detox: The liver is truly a sponge for all of the nutrients (and pizza) that we put into our bodies.  The enzymes and Glucaric Acid that are packed into each Kombucha bottle will make your post Sunday Pilates/kale juice detox feel complete. Why? They promote efficient liver function; i.e. you will enjoy the fruits of your labor (eating) more quickly and with less effort. #lazySundays

3.Immunity: Office life can be rough. Between the mid-winter sniffles to the unwanted summer cold, sitting indoors all day can knock any healthy person to the ground.  Rich in anti-oxidants and energy generating enzymes, Kombucha can help strengthen your immune system, so you can maximize vacation time.

4.Clarity:  Efficient organ function = brain optimization and the ability to conquer your day with a clear mind and juice in hand.

Pro tip: Like anything in life, drink in moderation. Due to the live bacteria, we do not advise drinking more than a bottle a day. Also, be sure to look at the sugar content when deciding between flavors and Kombucha companies. Our go to is AquaTiva and you can find rotating flavors on tap in our store! Save money (and the environment) by refilling a growler.


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What's the Deal With Kombucha?